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Case Study 3: Medical Record Transfer


A clinic was transitioning from one medical records system to another and wanted to preserve as much of their patient and billing information as possible in the new system. Unfortunately, the old system didn’t have ways to download all of the data and the clinic faced the possibility of hundreds of staff hours re-entering in patient and other data. They needed help finding an automated solution to transfer the data and save staff time for running the clinic.

Our Response:

Crystal Bay worked with the client’s original system and designed custom software to transfer the information to the new system ensuring that nothing was lost. We were able to devise web-based “scraping” and “crawling” techniques like Google uses to categorize what’s on web pages on the internet to grab information from the old system that was inaccessible through reports or downloads.

The Results:

The clinic was able to transfer a full range of patient and billing data and continue their operations smoothly with the new system. Staff were not burdened by having to re-enter data.

Crystal Bay Software has helped customers transfer or preserve mission critical patient and billing data, saving organizations thousands of hours of data-entry time. We can help your organization now!
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