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Case Study: Connecting to the Bank


One psychiatry group had a practice management system that was unable to communicate with its online bank accounts. When the organization was smaller, this wasn’t a problem, but as it grew, its technology couldn’t scale. They were receiving too many individual payments that it became difficult to account for the money in the bank and how it might differ from insurance and patient credit card payments that were recorded in the practice management system. The organization had no easy way to reconcile these payments except through a laborious process by hand. The organization also hoped to automate paying its clinicians by direct deposit in order to speed payroll and reduce errors.

Our Response:

We built a set of online tools that connected the client’s online banking with their practice management system in order to:

  1. Reconcile payments from their practice management system with their online bank account and quickly find missing payments or missing postings.
  2. Pay clinicians in bulk through direct-deposit in an automated process with their bank. Security safeguards were put in place to only allow authorized employees to issue payments that required leadership approval.

The Results:

  1. The organization was able to account dollar-for-dollar for all discrepancies between their practice management system and their bank account and easily follow up on any issues. The result helped leadership have confidence that the accounting of all funds in their practice management system represented real dollars in the bank.
  2. The clinic was able to generate clinician payroll in a fraction of the time that it took previously with increased accuracy. 

Crystal Bay Software has done a range of integrations with existing medical records programs, ePrescribe software, and banking and payment systems. We can help your organization bring together separate systems and integrate data.
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